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At Her Pleasure by Cindi Myers – Excerpt

At Her Pleasure bookcover

Excerpt From At Her Pleasure
by Cindi Myers

Book Details:
Harlequin Books
Harlequin Blaze
September 2008
ISBN: 0373794231
Contemporary Series

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The sunset on the ocean streaked the sky with pink and gold and turned the sea a deep vermillion.

The color of passion.

The color of romance and love and all the things that weren’t a part of Nicole Howard’s life right now. And maybe never would be again.

She leaned on the rail of the yacht and stared out at a horizon as empty and featureless as she felt inside. Maybe agreeing to come on this vacation with her friend, Adam Carroway, hadn’t been such a great idea.

With his usual persuasiveness, Adam had made the trip sound like the perfect way to recover from losing both her lover and her job in the space of a week. They’d sail to a remote island in the Caribbean, do some diving, look for some shipwreck Adam was wild to find, get some sun and forget all about life back in Amity, Michigan.

But forgetting was proving a lot harder than Nicole had expected.

"You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you? Stop it."

She turned and saw Adam emerging from the ship’s cabin. Broad-shouldered, barrel-chested and tanned from hours sailing on Lake Michigan, he looked nothing like the university history professor he was. Ten years older than Nicole, he had been at various times her roommate, confidant and best buddy. She thought of him as the big brother she’d never had.

He came to stand beside her on the rail. "You should have let me pound him one. Then at least you’d have the memory of him groveling to cheer you up."

She shook her head. She couldn’t imagine Dr. Kenneth Brambling, chief of Amity Surgical Associates, groveling. When she’d first taken the job as nurse for the busy surgery practice, she’d been intimidated by his dignity. Later, when they’d become lovers, she’d been caught up in the aura of power with which he surrounded himself.

Only recently had she realized Kenneth’s dignity was merely arrogance, and the power an inflated sense of his own importance, and a callousness that had shocked her—and broken her heart. "Beating him up wouldn’t have gotten either of us anything except maybe a lawsuit," she said.

"Might have made him think twice about cheating on another woman."

"I doubt it." As soon as she’d gotten over the shock of learning that she wasn’t the only woman sharing Kenneth’s bed, she’d uncovered all sorts of deceptions the good doctor excelled in, from exaggerating reports to insurance companies in order to receive higher reimbursements, to lying to his partners about the real reason he couldn’t attend a staff meeting—because he’d been occupied with his latest girlfriend. The man was an accomplished liar and it was cold comfort to know she wasn’t the first fool he’d deceived.

She’d emerged from the affair doubting everything from her physical attractiveness to her judgment. Though she knew Kenneth was in the wrong—he was the one who’d cheated and lied—she couldn’t help but wonder if she was also to blame. Maybe if she’d handled things differently, she wouldn’t have ended up so hurt.

"Here, I brought you something to take your mind off the jerk." Adam pulled a slim paperback from his pocket and offered it to her.

"What is it?"

"Some background info on where we’re going and what I hope to find there."

Adam had tried previously to give her more details about their destination and the shipwreck he was searching for, but once he went into academic-lecture mode her eyes glazed over and she’d refused to listen further. She didn’t care why they were headed to this deserted island, only that the island was far from Michigan and her problems.

Expecting a boring academic tome, she took the book and studied the cover. A lurid watercolor portrayed a scantily clad woman standing on a gallows. Confessions of a Pirate Queen? she read the title, amused. This certainly didn’t sound like a textbook.

"Passionata, aka Jane Hallowell, was a female pirate in the early 1700s, based on a previously deserted atoll that came to be known as Passionata’s Island—our destination on this trip," said Adam.

"A female pirate?" This definitely piqued her interest. "Were there really such things?"

"Definitely. The most well-known is Anne Bonney, but there’s also Mary Reade, and Grace O’Malley, the daughter of a pirate who followed in her father’s footsteps." He tapped the cover of the book. "But Passionata was in a class by herself."

Nicole turned the volume over and studied the painting of a full-rigged sailing ship with a Jolly Roger flying from its mast. "How so?"

"For one thing, she was one of the most successful. She and her all-female crew liberated merchant ships—mostly British— of millions of dollars in cargo, from gold coins to imported spices." Adam had warmed to his subject now, assuming the tone of a professor lecturing his students.

"I guess that kind of money will get you talked about," Nicole said.

"It wasn’t only the money people talked about." He grinned. "Passionata had an interesting approach to life."

As if being a female pirate wasn’t interesting enough.

"She was known as quite a seductress, and advocated ideas that were shocking for their time. Supposedly some of the highest members of British society secretly came to the island, seeking her advice on the art of seduction."

Nicole studied the cover illustration again. "So is this one of those tabloid tell-alls about her sordid life?"

"This book was supposedly written by Passionata herself while she was awaiting trial in Newgate Prison in 1715." He tapped the cover again. "Read it. I think you’ll find it interesting."

She nodded. She’d brought a couple of novels with her, but none of them had been able to hold her interest. What she really needed was something to help her get over the failures she’d left behind. She could approach Confessions of a Pirate Queen like one of those self-help books everyone swore by. A woman who’d succeeded in a male-dominated field might have some handy career lessons to impart, and a pirate queen who was also a known seductress could surely teach Nicole a few things about charting her own course in her relationships with men. She lay back against the pillows in the narrow bunk in the ship’s cabin and read the opening lines with interest: I, Passionata, the most famous lady pirate, stand as a witness to the power of woman. It is this strength that has made the men who govern the laws of the land tremble in fear before me. It is this mastery and my audacity in using it that has led them to seek to silence me on the gallows. But as long as I have breath I will speak, so that others, women and men, may learn.

I am Passionata, and this is my truth.What exactly did the lady pirate mean about "the power of woman"? Weren’t women of her day more powerless than most? As much as Nicole could recall from her college history courses, in those days women weren’t allowed to own property or sign legal documents. They were at the mercy of their husbands or male relatives.

Things had changed a great deal for the better, but she had to admit that one of the things that had hurt most in the whole debacle with Kenneth had been her own feeling of powerlessness. He had held all the cards. When she’d learned of his infidelity and lies, she’d wept and ranted and made demands—all of which he ignored with an unsettling calmness that only made her feel more out of control.

Then he’d fired her, and there’d been nothing she could do. He’d pointed out—also with chilling calm—that as owner of the business he had the right to hire and fire anyone he wished, at any time, for any reason. Besides, he’d added, everyone knew about their affair and that it had ended, and she didn’t want to stay around to become the object of office gossip, did she?

Ha! Too bad she didn’t have the option of turning pirate and making Dr. Ken walk the plank! I was born Jane Hallowell, daughter of George Hallowell, a successful merchant, owner of a half-dozen fine merchant ships. I was no great beauty as a child, but as I matured I was endowed with a handsomeness that attracted men.

One of these men was a pirate. His name does not matter here, and indeed, I have vowed never to speak it again. He wooed me with pretty presents and exciting tales of his adventures on the seas. He mesmerized me with smooth words and aroused in me feelings I had never experienced before. He stole my virtue—nay, I gave it gladly, knowing that I was in love and one day would soon wed.

What a naive child I was! On the very day when I waited on the docks for my lover to arrive and take me away with him forever, I learned that my father’s fleet of merchant ships had been attacked, and had suffered a grievous loss. My poor father wailed and buried his face in his hands. When I asked who had done this thing, he uttered the very name of my pirate!

The man I had loved, to whom I had given my all, had never loved me. He had used me to learn the secrets of my father’s business—the routes of my father’s ships and their cargos. He had struck like a cobra, taking all, destroying my father.

Destroying me.

Or so he thought. But I would not be destroyed. Not when the creditors came to auction the house and all our belongings. Not when my father took his own life by shooting himself with a pistol. I died, too, then. Jane Hallowell died.

But Passionata was born. Fascinated, Nicole read on. She learned how Passionata took her father’s last remaining ship and sailed to the pirate’s haven of Tortuga, where she searched among the brothels and bars for other women like herself—desperate women with nothing to lose and a determination to take revenge on the male sex who had used them so cruelly. From one of the women she learned of the deserted atoll where she made her headquarters and began almost sixteen years of seduction and destruction. Yes, we were women. The so-called weaker sex, without the physical strength of men. But we have something greater. We have the mental stamina that only women have.

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Ask for It by Sylvia Day – Excerpt

Ask for It bookcover

Excerpt From Ask for It
by Sylvia Day

Book Details:
Kensington Publishing Corp.
Kensington Brava
May 2008
ISBN: 0758214731

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‘Thank you for allowing me to repair myself here,’ Elizabeth said softly from the doorway that led to the bedroom.

She’d used the room that was meant to be hers?that of the lady of the house. Turning to face her, he saw her staring down at her clasped hands. ‘William would have known something was amiss if I’d returned home looking a mess.’

Marcus studied her, noting the dark circles that rimmed her eyes. Was she having trouble sleeping? Was he tormenting her dreams the way she tormented his?

‘Is your family not in residence?’ she asked, looking about as if she could find them. ‘Lady Westfield? Paul and Robert?’

‘My mother writes that Robert’s latest experiment is delaying their arrival. So that leaves you and me quite alone.’

‘Oh.’ She bit her lower lip.

‘Elizabeth, this matter has become extremely dangerous. Once the man who attacked you recovers, he will come after you again. If he has associates, they won’t wait.’

She nodded. ‘I ‘m aware of the situation. I will be on my guard.’

‘That’s insufficient. I want you to be guarded, night and day, not just outriders when you go out. I want someone with you at all times, even when you sleep.’

‘Impossible. William will know something is amiss if I have guards at the house.’

Marcus set the glass down. ‘William is more than capable of making his own decisions. Why don’t you allow him to decide if he can be of assistance to you?’

She rested her hands on her hips. ‘Because I have made the decision. He is finally free of that damned agency. His wife is with child. I refuse to risk his life and Margaret’s happiness for nothing.’

You are not nothing,’ he growled.

‘Consider what happened today.’

He stood. ‘I cannot stop considering it. It rules my thoughts.’

‘You were almost killed.’

‘You don’t know that.’

‘I was there?’ Her voice broke and turning on her heel, she strode toward the door.

He moved swiftly to block her egress. ‘I’venot finished speaking, madam.’

‘I am finished listening.’ She attempted to step around him, but he sidestepped quickly into her path. ‘Damn you. You are so bloody arrogant.’

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At The Sheikh’s Command by Kate Walker – Excerpt

At The Sheikh's Command bookcover

Excerpt From At The Sheikh’s Command
by Kate Walker

Book Details:
Harlequin Books
Harlequin Presents
October 2006
ISBN: 0373125763
Contemporary Series

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It was the outriders that Abbie saw first. Big powerful men on big powerful motorbikes, engines purring, chrome and black gleaming in the sunlight. In spite of the heat, their muscled bodies were encased snugly in supple black leather, their heads concealed in helmets. But then of course these men were the bodyguards of a man who ruled a country far away. A desert country where the sun beat down day after day, building to temperatures far higher than the moderate heat of an English summer’s afternoon.

The man who was in the car behind them.

The convoy swept down the drive in a roar of engines, swirling to a halt outside the main door and waiting, bodyguards sitting taut and tense on their machines, unseen eyes clearly darting everywhere, watching, observing. Their job was to protect the occupant of the vehicle that followed them. That big, sleek car with smoked glass windows behind which she could just detect the form of Sheikh Malik bin Rashid Al’Qaim. The car also had a small flag on the bonnet.

The flag of Barakhara.

Abbie drew in a deep breath and felt it tremble all the way into her lungs.

So he was here. It was really happening. This was not a dream. It was absolutely, totally real. And that reality turned it into the biggest nightmare she had ever known. Her grey eyes blurred briefly with tears and she blinked them away hurriedly, pushing trembling hands over the blonde smoothness of her hair as she fought for control.

He was early. They hadn’t been expecting him for another half an hour or so. That was why she was still tidying the room, her white blouse and neat skirt covered by the ridiculous cotton apron, splashed all over with big colourful flowers, borrowed from the housekeeper to keep herself clean.

"Dad!" she called, her voice as shaken as her breathing. "They’re here."

But her father was already aware, already heading out of the room, hurrying into the hall, pulling open the big front door. Abbie saw him pause to draw breath for a moment, brush his hands down his sides to ease their dampness and her heart constricted in fear.

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