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Protector’s Mate by Katie Reus – Review

protectorsmate-katiereus“…well written and very tastefully executed…more than just an erotic romance.”

Rating: ★★★★★

Reviewed by Lysa C.

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Felicia Serna ran away from her pack—more specifically her Alpha and his horrid behavior—to a war zone. But after two years away, she’s returned and knows she must face her possible punishment for defying him. Only it isn’t her Alpha or his men that are waiting for her when she returns. It’s Alaric! The man who fuels her fantasies!

Alaric knew he would make Felicia his mate from the moment he saw her, but she was too young at the time to do anything about it. So he made her Alpha aware of his intentions and waited. Only her Alpha wasn’t about to give her up…so when she came home to Alabama he made sure he was there to claim her!

Ms. Reus’ Protector’s Mate is well written and very tastefully executed. Certainly more than just an erotic romance. I will certainly read more by this author in the future. Her hero was strong without being overbearing and her heroine was the perfect mix of strong, independent woman and damsel in distress. The only negative comment I have is that there wasn’t a longer story!

About the Book

After two years in a war zone, werewolf  Felicia Serna has finally returned to find another pack has taken over her territory…and the new second-in-command is the very man who haunts her fantasies.

Alaric has wanted Felicia from the moment he laid eyes on her, and now he’s ready to claim her. When a threatening shifter begins stalking them, he’s determined to protect her…even if it means putting his seduction on hold. But even in the heat of danger, their red-hot passion cannot be denied.

  • Harlequin Nocturne Cravings
  • April 1, 2012
  • ASIN: B006Y9YM9G

Prognosis for Happiness by Carolynn Carey

Carolynn Carey (former WeWriteRomance.com Blog columnist – see Carolynn’s Clues) has a new release this month, Prognosis for Happiness. This book is getting some interesting reviews. From what I’ve seen everyone loves the old high school “rivalry” type romance. The sparks are flying in this one as the two are certainly both determined individuals!

image Book Details:

Book Description:

Gwen Meyer may be a full-fletched pediatrician now, but when Hollywood plastic surgeon Trevor Kendall comes back to small-town Brook Haven to critique her care of his five-year-old niece, she reverts emotionally to that nerdy girl in high school who used her acerbic wit to keep Trevor from getting too close to her. Unfortunately, the attraction she’d felt for him then is just as strong now, some fourteen years later. And even more unfortunately, she feels no more equipped to handle him now than she did when they were teenagers.

Trevor Kendall may have been voted "Most Likely to Succeed" when he was a student at Brook Haven High, but he hadn’t been able to break through the hard shell Gwen Meyer wrapped around herself to keep him at arm’s length. Now, when he returns to Brook Haven at the frantic request of his sister to check on his little niece, he’s both surprised and pleased to discover that five-year-old Abby’s pediatrician is none other than his old nemesis from high school. Gwen doesn’t appear to like him any more now than she did then, but he’s determined to crack through her shell and see what makes her tick. Problem is, what he discovers under that shell may very well turn his world upside down.

Can these two strong-willed individuals with career paths that have taken them in opposite directions ever find common ground to deal with their feelings from the past and more importantly their hopes for the future?