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Small-Town Redemption by Beth Andrews – Review

smalltownredemptionReviewed by Casey B.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Continuing with her Shady Grove series, Beth Andrews gives us Small-Town Redemption—E.R. nurse Charlotte Ellison and bar owner Kane Bartasavich’s story. You met these intriguing characters in What Happens Between Friends Charlotte’s sister Sadie’s story. You might recall that Charlotte believed she would marry Sadie’s best friend James in that one. Only James didn’t think of her that way. He’d always loved Sadie. When Charlotte’s heart and pride was hurting, she pretty much threw herself at Kane. And that’s where this story begins. You’ll get to experience that part again if you haven’t read it before. Only Kane is honorable and he doesn’t take what’s offered. But honorable or not, he doesn’t handle the rejection well and Charlotte proceeds to keep to herself for a time as her pride is still stung. Then Kane ends up in her E.R. and their adventure begins!

Another emotional, small-town story from Beth Andrews! Interesting and full of surprises, this story has about all you could want in a romantic redemption story. Even the ending was handled well. You finally feel like Charlotte has matured and she and Kane might have a future. A definite must-read!

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About the book…

E.R. nurse Charlotte Ellison has her life mapped out, including a happily-ever-after with the perfect man. Sure, that disastrous night with sexy badass Kane Bartasavich wasn’t in the plan. He’s the opposite of perfect, and forever isn’t in his vocabulary. What was she thinking? Still, she simply has to stay away from him and everything will be on track.

But avoidance is impossible when Kane lands in her E.R. All of Charlotte’s protective instincts come out when she sees him in pain. She knows firsthand getting involved with him is a bad deal. But this attraction might be too deep to ignore.

SEDUCTIVE SUPERNATURALS: 12 Tales of Shapeshifters, Vampires & Sexy Spirits by Erin Quinn, Caridad Piñeiro, Erin Kellison, Lisa Kessler, Chris Marie Green, Mary Leo – Review

Reviewed by Larissa M.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Seductive Supernatural’s is a collection of 12 tales ranging from shape shifters and vampires to spirits. In reviewing an anthology, I usually take each book and do a detailed review about each. Since there are so many here I’m not sure I’ll do that. Especially since so many are not really worth reading…in my opinion…but there are some that stood out and I wished were showcased separately so I wouldn’t have to pull up such a large file to read just that one book again—if I wanted to do so. But since they are and I was asked for an honest review, here goes.


This is one that I didn’t really care for. The writing wasn’t clear and engaging. I didn’t find the characters really that relatable and I didn’t find the whole plot believable.

VAMPIRE REBORN by Caridad Pineiro:

I found myself skimming this one. The story did not engage me from the get-go so I kept hoping something would snap me into the story. It didn’t.

SHADOW FALL by Erin Kellison:

I did like this one. Erin Kellison left me engaged in the plot and I found I enjoyed seeing what would happen with Annabella. Definitely not a fresh plot, but an interesting one.

NIGHT ANGEL by Lisa Kessler:

Mystical and interesting, I enjoyed the hero and heroine in this short story. I found the idea of the heroine being deaf intriguing, but I was a bit disappointed that wasn’t fixed for her in the end. But alas, she did get a hunky, near-God instead. I would have enjoyed more of this story.

SHADOWS TILL SUNRISE by Chris Marie Green:

Again, found this one hard to get into. I didn’t really get a clear picture of what was happening. The descriptions and dialogue left me a bit ‘out of the story’ so to speak.


Though I had high hopes for this one as a romance with a ghost/spirit seemed very interesting. Add in the boss/assistant scenario and I knew it should be good. But again, found this one hard to get into. I didn’t really get a clear picture of what was happening. The descriptions and dialogue left me a bit ‘out of the story’ so to speak.

MORE THAN FIENDS by Maureen Child:

Didn’t enjoy the plot of this. I didn’t see the whole baby daddy thing as a plot point that was interesting. I enjoy most of Maureen Child’s other work, so I had hopes for this but I just couldn’t get into it.


Interesting, nice writing style. This is one that I might re-read so I can totally follow it but on first read I enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters. The plot was dramatically sensitive as well.

FOREVER ROSE by Janet Wellington:

I didn’t enjoy this one either. I couldn’t get into the whole back-in-time thing. I found myself skimming which I hate to do but I so wanted more out of this story. Didn’t get it.

WELCOME HOME, VAMPIRE by Theresa Meyers:

This was reminiscent of a typical romance where the hero tries to regain humanity by seeking someone he loved before. But it was written well and was clear to read. Definitely will try something by Ms. Meyers again.

VAMPIRE MAGIC (Blood Genie, books 1 and 2) by Sheri Whitefeather:

These books were simply fascinating. Two brother vampires that were turned into genies. Inventive and intriguing. Add in the two are loaned from their ‘master’ or owner to help people rather than personal gain and you have an interesting twist. There are catches but Ms. Whitefeather has a wonderful writing style. I’m eager to read the third book and see what happens to the vampire now turned genie who turned the brothers in the first place!


Fast-paced, sensual, and well written, Ms. Staab does a good job with Wild Nights with a Lone Wolf. Both characters are believable and interesting. I’d definitely read more by this author!

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About the books…

cover54721-medium Just in time for Halloween! Cozy up with sexy bad boys and tortured alpha heroes in 12 steamy full-length paranormal romance novels and novellas from NY Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors!

Here’s what you’ll get:

DIABLO SPRINGS by Erin Quinn: Gracie Beck vowed that she would never to return to Diablo Springs, but the haunted town lures her back—along with the man who betrayed her years ago. Reilly broke her heart with his lies. Now, he wants a second chance to win her, but can they survive the ghosts of Diablo Springs?

VAMPIRE REBORN by Caridad Pineiro: Would you be reborn for love? Ryder Latimer, sexy Southern vampire, will have to make one of the most difficult choices in his undead life: Become human again or protect his new wife and child.

SHADOW FALL by Erin Kellison: Just discovering her magic, ballerina Annabella Ames didn’t mean to summon a dark wolf from Twilight, nor the tempting fallen angel Custo Santovari, who has no place in Heaven. The cunning wolf stalks them relentlessly, and danger seduces as they fight for redemption and love.

NIGHT ANGEL by Lisa Kessler: When Colin Flynn returns home to Ireland, the immortal Night Walker’s flesh has healed, but the scars hide a broken spirit. Juliana Duffy plays piano in spite of her deafness, challenging him to redefine himself and find the strength to battle an ancient enemy.

SHADOWS TILL SUNRISE by Chris Marie Green: Two monster hunters fighting a star-crossed attraction and one bloodthirsty phantom leaving a trail of death… Can love survive till the sun rises?

SHADOW AT TWILIGHT by Mary Leo: They say Hotel Colorado is haunted, but when Dillon Spencer appears in his hotel room to find Hilly Thompson, his assistant, soaking in the tub, he begins to question whether or not he’s alive, dead, or caught in another dimension.

MORE THAN FIENDS by Maureen Child: At 32, Cassidy Burke discovers she’s a legendary Demon Duster. But she’s got bigger problems than some pesky demons. Like, Logan Miller–first love, baby daddy to her genius daughter is back. Then there’s Devlin Cole, a walking orgasm with too many secrets. Cassidy’s life is out of control and about to get way too interesting.

IMMORTAL POSSESSION by Cassi Carver: When Dr. Evelyn Vale is paired with Immortal Bounty’s sexy commander to go undercover and infiltrate a supernatural body-trafficking ring, she’s eager to get to work. Until she learns the catch… To crack this case, he’ll need to possess her body.

FOREVER ROSE by Janet Wellington: Tarot cards predict a dangerous journey for Taylor Rose, but she doesn’t expect to travel back to 1888 San Diego. What the cards didn’t predict was falling for a man bent on revenge, a helpful ghost, and spooky séances. Is she there to prevent a murder or to find love?

WELCOME HOME, VAMPIRE by Theresa Meyers: Corporal Cole Wagner lost his humanity in war – literally. Turned into a vampire by the military’s Vector Force, he’s the ultimate weapon, but when he returns home to set the past right, will the enemy stop at nothing to get him, including threatening the life of the woman he loved, and lost, before?

VAMPIRE MAGIC (Blood Genie, books 1 and 2) by Sheri Whitefeather: Two tenderly romantic, wildly erotic stories featuring supernatural hybrids (vampires/genies) who grant wishes for the exchange of blood.

WILD NIGHTS WITH A LONE WOLF by Elisabeth Staab: A mandatory vacation lands Agent Sherri Walker in bed with a local werewolf. Asher Hughes walked away from his outlaw pack but couldn’t ditch the bad blood. Together they’ll have to pull off one hell of an act to get out of treacherous territory alive.

Served Cold by Marie Harte – Review

Reviewed by Cara M.

Rating: ★★★★★

Sexy and entertaining, Marie Harte’s Best Revenge series starts off with a bang!

Second grade teacher, Ann Weaver has never gotten over Jack Bloom. Not only had he been her first in every way, he’d been cruel in the way he’d ditched her in high school. But now Jack’s back…and everyone knows the best revenge is served cold!

So when Ann and her two friends are indulging in their weekly wine night, they hatch a little plan on how Ann can get back at Jack. But really, all Ann wants is to know why he’d acted the way he had. And what better revenge is there than to show him what he’s been missing in the past decade!

Jack has never forgotten how Ann cheated on him high school…or how she made him feel. Ready to let the past be the past, he returns to his small town and immediately runs into Ann. She’s still the sexy redhead that sets his body on fire, so why not show her what she gave up and how much better he is at it now!

Ms. Harte weaves a tale that you know stems from a misunderstanding that could have been handled if the two involved had only talked to each other instead of being dramatic, but well…it was high school. Throw them together as adults and the past doesn’t have a chance. These two characters are so made for each. From Ann’s sweet, almost angelic way about her to Jack’s nice guy attitude, the two quickly fall back into love. Only Ann holds a secret that she never shared with Jack and then there’s the silly little idea of getting revenge on him…so what happens when he finds out? It devastates him and makes him question her feelings for him and their future. Can the two get over the past and work toward a future? Or will high school always stand in their way?

I would highly recommend this story. As a start to a trilogy, it drew me in and made me eager to read the next. I thought Ann was a little too good girl—except in the bedroom!—and Jack was a little too over her ‘betrayal’ in high school before it began. It made me question if he didn’t secretly have a little get-back-at-her going on in his mind as well. But overall, I enjoyed the story. I loved the secondary characters. And I certainly felt like these two should and would get a happily ever after out of the deal!

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Shatter by Erin McCarthy – Review

“…another fabulously romantic young adult story!”

Larissa M.

Rating: ★★★★★

In Shatter, Ms. McCarthy’s fourth book in her True Believers series, she presents us with another fabulously romantic young adult story!

Rounding out the friendships and bringing closure to the dramatic blow up in Believe, Shatter starts off with Kylie Warner—a beautiful, formerly energetically optimistic girl—coming to terms with the way her love life and friendships have changed in the past few months. Not only did she find out her boyfriend cheater on her but with one of her best friends! To top that off she’s failing chemistry. Enter hunky nerd, Jonathon Kadisch. Not only is the grad student super sexy he’s pretty much a genius. He helps Kylie study but never expected to hookup with her. Nor did he ever imagine their one night of passion would lead to her being pregnant!

This is a stunning conclusion to Ms. McCarthy’s True Believers series. Not only are the two main characters front and center, as well as their mini-drama called life, you get a wonderful glance at a few of the other couples you’ve fallen in love with along the way.

You also have a wonderful heroine in Kylie. She’s interesting, smart in her own way, and is so much more than the bitter girl you’d think she’d become after being the betrayed like she was. There’s also an enormous growth to her carefree character. She matures along the way and you can almost feel her grow up on the pages. Then you have the already mature, super smart hero, Jonathon. Not only is a standup guy, he seems to love with all his being. Very perfect pairing for Kylie. The ultimate tragedy for the couple could have torn them apart, but in the end I believe it only made them stronger. Making this a definite keeper for me!

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Stranded With The Rancher by Janice Maynard – Review

Reviewed by Lacey M.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Stranded with the Rancher by Janice Maynard is another installment for the Texas Cattleman’s Club: After The Storm novel series. The rancher in question? Billionaire horse breeder Drew Farrell. A man who’s day starts with the usual argument with his determined neighbor, Beth Andrews. But within minutes, the two are huddled together in a storm cellar praying for their lives. They two—who have spent the better part of a year or so bickering—call a truce…and seal it with an unexpected kiss. But when the two emerge from their dark haven, will their passion be enough to move past the obstacles that have kept them apart…until now?

While mostly romantic, I found this book a bit slow and disjointed. I didn’t feel the characters meshed well (any of them) and their reactions were a bit off. The brothers (Jed and our hero, Drew) were the best of the lot and the only time I really enjoyed them is when they were with each other…not their women! I found the heroine, Beth, to be too emotionally stunted and unsure. She had too many contradictions and her interaction with Drew seemed more forced than I would have thought if the two had secretly liked each other for a long time before actually giving in to their feelings after a major disaster. I would hope the other authors helping to write this series did a better job bringing the characters to life and making you care about them. The most intriguing and memorable thing about this book is the pregnant girl who is now in a coma!

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Southbound Surrender by Raen Smith – Review

Review by Alex C.

Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’re interested in a fun, ultimately romantic new adult novel, Raen Smith’s Southbound Surrender is just what you’re looking to read. From first glance, Cash Rowland knows what he wants—and that’s Piper Sullivan. Only when Piper’s dad is called in when Cash and Piper are found in a cleaning closet at school, he pulls Piper from school and sends her away.

But love has a way of doing amazing things so five years, and a lot of searching later, Cash finds Piper just a few hours outside of town. She’s got a full life, but she’s never forgotten the boy who stole her heart. Only there are secrets she’s afraid to tell him, secrets that could make him look at her differently, make him not love her any longer. But when he begs her to give them a chance and spend five days on the road with him, she give in. And it’s the ride of a lifetime for them.

I enjoyed this story a great deal. There weren’t the norms of most new adult novels (like hero/heroine on or dealing with alcohol or drugs, love triangle, etc.). It was a story of two young adults finding themselves through fairly stable homes. The two share an immediate attraction and a love of a lifetime. It was refreshing, though simply done. An enjoyable, quick read. I’m definitely hoping to read more by this author.

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