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Misbehaving by Tiffany Reisz – Review

“…definitely be adding Ms. Reisz to my auto buy list!”

Reviewed by Cara M.

Rating: ★★★★★

Tiffany Reisz’ Misbehaving gives a whole new meaning to ‘reviewing’ sex books! Fresh and full of incredibly written romance as well as erotic behavior that is very fulfilling, this book is fabulous!

Popular sex blogger Beatriz is used to taking her pleasure when she wants it. She not only reads sexy books, she does the review based on experimentation. Only she’s headed to her best friend’s wedding and she has no idea who she’ll get to help her see if the book she’s reviewing works…until Ben—the same guy who turned down a naked Bea five years ago after his college graduation—offers himself up as her partner. Only Ben doesn’t want ‘no strings’ he wants forever. Will Bea give him a second chance?

I have to say I was skeptical if this book would be romantic enough for me or just a bunch of sex scenes…but oh, boy was I so wrong. Though short, it’s VERY well-written. The chemistry and romance is certainly there. Obviously the back-story gives you the fulfillment factor of a lost love found, but it’s the interaction of the two main characters that truly bring it all into focus. While a bit over the top, the heroine, Bea, is still interesting and yet vulnerable at the same time. She’s sophisticated and down to earth. Ben is her perfect match. I will definitely be adding Ms. Reisz to my auto buy list!

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Married Again to the Millionaire by Margaret Mayo – Review

Married Again to the Millionaire bookcover

Reviewed by Heather R.
on February 25, 2010

“I certainly recommend this quick read…”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Margaret Mayo will certainly capture your heart in her latest novel, Married Again to the Millionaire, an endearing tale of two lovers who find their way back to each other and overcome painful secrets to finally live happily-ever-after. Sienna and Adam’s sweet love story will leave you with an all-over great feeling. A must read for sure!

Sienna definitely has stars in her eyes when she meets lanky, yet sexy, entrepreneur Adam Bannerman. She’s swept away when he asks her to marry him, but soon into their marriage she finds herself alone more often than not—and often asking herself if he could really love her when it’s so obvious that work is his first love. The answer doesn’t come easily or during their first go round. But when her son turns ill, her conscious kicks in and she knows she must tell Adam that he has a son. Fearing his reaction, but knowing it is the right thing to do, she does just that. Only he doesn’t react quite the way she’d thought. And he’s more than willing to step in and do his part with their son…and his wife!

Ms. Mayo’s Married Again to the Millionaire hits fairly high on my scale as a hit! I found myself wishing the book was longer so it would allow her the time to flesh out more of the characters, their backgrounds, what they did while they were apart, and more of their journey to finding love with each other through something more than their devotion to their son. While her novels are always well written and engaging to the senses, this one will always have a special place in my heart mainly because of the way Sienna is portrayed as a strong, loving mother who makes the hard decisions and sticks by her actions. In the end, Sienna must find herself while coming to terms with her love for her husband (and the lack he had for her during the marriage they shared before their son). As if that wasn’t enough, then you have the boon of our hunky hero, Adam. He’s not only the quintessential Mills & Boon rich, well-built hero who melts your heart with a look and is self-made. He’s also a sweet, caring father who believes in doing what’s right whether it suits anyone else or not. He takes responsibility for using Sienna to prove a point to his grandfather instead of loving her the way she deserved to be loved. He deals with his guilt the best he can and I found that his moment of redemption made me smile through teary eyes all the while savoring the journey he was forced to take in order to achieve it. I certainly recommend this quick read to anyone who’s looked for love and not found it where they thought it was or should be—it will give you hope!

Mia and the Powerful Greek by Michelle Reid – Review

Mia and the Powerful Greek bookcover

Reviewed by Casey B.
on July 02, 2010

“Sweetly endearing, classically romantic, fiery sensuality, and curious intrigue…”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Michelle Reid’s Mia and the Powerful Greek is fantastico! Sweetly endearing, classically romantic, fiery sensuality, and curious intrigue peppered throughout. Certainly a smashing hit to start off the Balfour saga!

Mia Balfour is struggling to adjust to living in the world of the elite after finding out she’s the illegitimate daughter of the powerful head of the Balfour family, Oscar. She finds herself thrust into a world of scandals and gossip rags. And in an effort to help her adjust, Oscar sends her off to a business associate to learn the ways of their social world.

The cool, powerful Greek business tycoon, Nikos Theakis has a routine life that he keeps under tight control. He’s struggled his way to the top of the business world by being ruthless but fair—and with a helping hand up from Oscar Balfour. So when the man who helped him escape the slums of Athens asks for a favor, he can’t refuse. He allows Mia to come work for him and agrees to watch out for her. An easy enough task if he puts his mind to it.

But what Nikos and Mia don’t know is that they’ve met before. He’d nearly run over her in the driveway of the Balfour estate just months before. It wasn’t a necessary pleasant meeting and now they’ll be forced to see each other each day and live close to each other every evening. And the heat that sears through them with a slight touch or look only reminds Nikos that he can’t have what he most wants— a night in Mia’s bed!

Mia and the Powerful Greek pulls you into the Balfour saga and makes you want more. The connection Mia and Nikos have together jumps off the page at you with each new event the two struggle through. I will admit I was a bit surprised near the end at a few of the well played elements I hadn’t connected. One that I will mention was the connection of Mia’s mother to wealth. I should have caught that Oscar wouldn’t have a one-night stand with just anyone, but I had thought maybe the woman was a servant or some such. There were some others that the couple endured that I hadn’t expected, but I’ll leave those to surprise you when you read the book. Because you have to read this one. It’s the perfect mix of characters and situation, and a true testament to the writing skills of Ms. Reid.

Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto by Liz Fielding – Review

“Sweetly romantic, this story is the perfect holiday tale to warm your heart!”

Reviewed by Casey B.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Lucy Bright (a/k/a Lucy B./Cinderella) finds herself in the middle of every girl’s fantasy—being taken from obscurity to celebrity by a rich retail guru. Only the fantasy bursts when she realizes it isn’t a love-match after all. More like a marketing scam to entice sales. Refusing to be used, Lucy flees and ends up in the arms of another retail tycoon, Nathanial Hart! And Nat knows a good thing when he finds it, and he isn’t about to let her get away!

Sweetly romantic, this story is the perfect holiday tale to warm your heart! Ms. Fielding’s writing, as always, is superb and the storyline while obvious on some levels is refreshing on a lot of others. Definitely a story you won’t want to miss reading (any time of year!).

My One and Only by Kristan Higgins – Review

“Fast-paced, humorous and chalked full of reality…”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Fast-paced, humorous and chalked full of reality, Kristan Higgins shares another delightfully romantic story in My One and Only. With her usual humor and first person persona, Ms. Higgins gives us a tale of love so intense it steals the breath away.

When divorce attorney Harper James is forced to attend another of her sister’s weddings, she’s not all that enthusiastic. She sure isn’t when she finds out her sister is marrying her ex-husband’s brother!

Throw in a beefy boyfriend, the usual Catholic Priest, adorable dog, supportive friend, outrageous family, and you’ve got one of Higgins’ twisted tales that leads you exactly where you’ll want to be by the end. My One and Only is filled with underlying, deep seeded emotions that are thrown around to the point that your own (emotions) will range with each turning page. If you’re not laughing, you’ll certainly be crying. Or maybe you’ll be crying because you’re laughing…I know I did!

But honestly, if you’re not fascinated by all the characters—main and secondary alike—there is something wrong. Ms. Higgins sets up her characters, her situation, and her dialogue to give you a well rounded story that you aren’t going to want to miss!

Reviewed by Margaret H. on March 10, 2011

A Moonlit Knight by Jocelyn Kelley – Review

A Moonlit Knight bookcover

Reviewed by Jules E.
on April 27, 2006

“…a wonderfully crafted tale…”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Mallory de Saint-Sebastian has learned many lessons in life, and been taught unbelievable things by the sisters at her secret abbey. Now, when things are beginning to look desperate in the fight between King Henry the Elder and his wife and sons, Queen Eleanor has a mission for her. But compared to her life in the convent, can she handle the danger and intrigue at court? And the strange pull she feels for one of the queen’s most accomplished troubadours, Saxon Fitz-Juste. Saxon has secrets of his own, the belittled second son of a man who has sided with King Henry the Elder in this rebellion. Can he complete his objectives, and avoid the pull he feels for Mallory? He knows, without question, that he can never promise her a future.

This is a wonderfully crafted tale of two people adrift in the sea of politics and just trying to survive to the end. Kelley manages to inject Mallory with the skills she requires, and the attitude, without making her seem hard or unbelievable while allowing Saxon to stand back and let someone else save the day without it damaging his male ego. Mallory seems unsure of everyone at court and we’re never really sure where Saxon’s loyalties lie until the end. Kelley does a wonderful job of keeping the reader guessing, page after page, always with another surprise around the bend.