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Love Me If You Dare by Carly Phillips – Review

Love Me If You Dare bookcover

Reviewed by Casey B.
on July 25, 2010

“…blend[s] together romance, intrigue and a touch of mystery to form a sexy read!”

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Love Me If You Dare by Carly Phillips manages to blend together romance, intrigue and a touch of mystery to form a sexy read!

While on an off-duty security assignment at a ritzy auction, Sara Rios finds herself faced with being held hostage by a thief on the rooftop! Knowing each other as they do, the two act quickly and Rafe saves Sara…and becomes the next eligible bachelor featured on the city’s infamous Bachelor Blog. Rafe isn’t too happy about it, and neither is Sara!

Rafe is on leave for an injury he sustained while saving Sara, so he retreats to his home town and his lake cabin. Little does he know, his escape has caused Sara to become the focus of the blog. And her being injured as well, plus being a key witness in a high profile murder case, has set her up as a target for all kinds of craziness. Only there isn’t anyone she trusts to help her keep safe (because she’s injured and not at full capacity herself), except Rafe. She ends up following him to his hometown and finding the two are more attracted than they’d ever admitted when they were partners.

Overcoming all the obstacles in their way—from emotional issues to real threats—the two find a way to fit their lives together and truly live happily ever after.

Ms. Phillips’ connected Bachelor Blog books are entertaining and very enjoyable reads. Love Me If You Dare seems to be the last of this series as the secret blogger is revealed and their doesn’t appear to be another bachelor or bachelorette to tie off this book…at least, not that I could tell. But there is plenty in this one that will keep you guessing, wondering who might be the good guys and who might be the bad ones. The ending is surprising and the many subplots (two or more!) will keep you entertained and curious as to what will happen next.