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Going Twice by Sharon Sala – Review

“…fresh, realistic and so down-to-earth…”

Reviewed by Larissa M.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Sharon Sala’s second installment in her Forces of Nature series, Going Twice, focusing again on the Stormchaser serial killer and the FBI team that is assigned to bring him down. Only this time, there is an addition to their team of three, Wade Luckett’s ex-wife Jo. The addition upsets the killer and entices him to make a personal interaction, but in the end he still manages to elude the team. A positive to the change is that Wade and Jo are able to set aside their past and work together. In doing so, they shovel through past hurts and come through with a new understanding of each other and a beautiful new beginning.

I’m a Sala fan. I have been for years. Her writing is fresh, realistic and so down-to-earth that I enjoy the taste of reality. It’s always emotional, though. So when I sit down to read her work I tend to make sure I have time to process the ups and downs without other things in my life interfering. I enjoy that walk into the other side of a realistic life—rather than the fantasy one I often get with my other sweeter romances—but I’ve found I mostly only enjoy it with her. I like the darker, suspense side she always comes through with. While the stories always have some element of danger or intensity, they always feel as if they could really happen. I missed the first book in this series, Going Once, so I’m certainly going to have to catch up. But I didn’t feel as if I had missed something really important. If there was a negative, though, I’d say it falls into the villain’s head. I like a little of that with a lot of romance but in this instance I got way more than I wanted. It didn’t really detract from the story, really, but it didn’t leave as much time for the romance as I’d have liked. Definitely looking forward to the third book!

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Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster – Review

“…fast-paced, emotional and interesting enough to keep you turning pages …”

Zara B.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Getting Rowdy, Lori Foster’s latest release while a great overall story left me uneasy with Rowdy and Avery’s long-term chances of success. The story itself is fast-paced, emotional and interesting enough to keep you turning pages and eager for the next book. It also gives you a glance at where some of your favorite couples are from previous books which I always find a plus in any series.

As to Getting Rowdy, however, I’d first like to say this was a long-awaited story for me. I have adored Rowdy in the previous books in this series and couldn’t wait for Avery and him to come together. Unfortunately, the first scene had me a little sick. Avery walking in on Rowdy and another woman where he is totally unrepentant about getting caught in the act (with the slight exception of him feeling of guilt maybe he shouldn’t have done it in the bar’s office) was hard to read. Avery knowing he’s with other women when she turns him down is one thing, but actually having it in front of her was a slap in the face. This is a situation that wouldn’t have been so harsh maybe if he hadn’t pursued her so fiercely giving the impression that she was important to him. Of course, some would say he wasn’t obligated to feel any loyalty to Avery because she did continue to turn him down for ‘just sex’. But I think it really shows a shallow lack of true emotional attraction to Avery. Apparently Avery felt the same and made him work at making her feel like she wasn’t just one in a long line of available women. However, I don’t think she made him wait long enough. And in the end, while their coming together was hot, very fulfilling to each of them, I have to wonder how they’ll fair in the long-term.

On a side note, I’d also like to know where’s the sexual caution when so many diseases are so rampant and Rowdy has been with so many women? If he only has one-night stands and picks women up in seedy bars…well, I worry for the sanity of any woman who sleeps with him knowing all that, even if she is half in love with him.

Overall, though, it was sad to hear about Rowdy’s past. And in the end I did find myself hoping that Avery would be his saving grace, but when he continued to take from her (her declarations of love, etc.) while making her feel like he was working on an exit strategy, I wondered and maybe lost a little love for the big guy. But overall I guess he came through. Though one of his finest traits is his loyalty and fierce protectiveness as shown from his interaction with the kid he saved and the way he grew up taking care of his sister Pepper (see Run the Risk’s Review). So maybe he worked out enough demons to make a successful relations with Avery work…time will tell, I guess.

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