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Fast Track by Julie Garwood – Review

“…interesting, suspenseful, intriguing, heart-wrenching, heart-warming and oh, so sensual.”

Rating: ★★★★★

Fans of Julie Garwood’s contemporary series romances are in for a real treat with her recent release of Fast Track! The long awaited story of Aiden Hamilton Madison—oldest brother and ultimately the family patriarch—and the sweet, uber smart Cordelia Kane—best friend to Aiden’s sister Regan (see her fall for Alec Buchanan in Murder List)!

I’d like to start this review by saying I’m a huge fan of Julie Garwood. Pretty much anything she’s written from her historical romances to the latest contemporaries I’ve never been let down…or led astray. But the back cover copy for this one was a little misleading. I imagined a whole different book from what I received. Now, I’m not complaining. Not in the least. This one was SO much better than what I’d imagined. But there was something of a little disappointment as I imagined a whole push/pull scenario where Aiden was concerned for Cordie’s safety because of something to do with him. And an admission from Cordie about how she’d been in love with him for years. But what I received was interesting, suspenseful, intriguing, heart-wrenching, heart-warming and oh, so sensual. The two have been meant for each other from the beginning. Though I had some issues with parts of how this one played out, those issues were my personal failing as I’ve had way too much time to imagine this one since it’s been so long since Fire and Ice was released and the stories in between weren’t really involving the three friends or the Madison brothers.

Ultimately, though, I fell in love with this romance. From Aiden, who’s the perfect hero. He’s the alpha and always has been so responsible. Maybe a little too involved in everyone’s life but we see he’s changed some over time and is willing to spread the responsibilities around and doesn’t shy away from stepping back to enjoy life some. To Cordelia, who despite being smart is just a shade naive in a good way. The whole story—from the characters to the plot—played out really well. From Cordie making up her mind (with a little advice from her dying father) to move on and forget the childhood infatuation she had with Aiden, to Aiden realizing he wanted Cordie in his life forever. The two had a few obstacles from the outside, but not a whole lot of angst or struggle internally. Might have liked a little more there and Cordie sticking up for how she feels/has felt, but overall not disappointed with how it worked itself out. The supporting characters were wonderful as always. I enjoy visiting old characters to see what they’re up to. And since that is one of my favorite things about all Garwood romances—how the book stays centered on the main couple—I know this is one I’ll keep and re-read over and over.

I’m not sure where Ms. Garwood will go next but I can say I’ll have it on auto-buy!

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From A Distance by Tamera Alexander – Review

From A Distance bookcover

Reviewed by Virginia H.
on May 23, 2008

“…Alexander has written another fantastic book…”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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From a Distance is a wonderful historical romance that tells the story of Elizabeth Garrett Westbrook, a spunky photographer who wants to capture the vista of the Colorado mountains in pictures to share back east. She meets Daniel Ranslett, a mountain guide, and romance ensues. Josiah Birch is a former slave who was separated from his wife Belle and prays one day to be reunited with her. This secondary story is touching and sweet. I would recommend this book for a glimpse into the past and as a captivating romance. From a Distance gets my highest recommendation! Tamara Alexander has written another fantastic book that delves into one’s emotions with a true touch of faith.

Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery – Review

Finding Perfect bookcover

Reviewed by Lysa C.
on October 20, 2010

“…fantastic job continuing her Fool’s Gold series…”

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Susan Mallery has done another fantastic job continuing her Fool’s Gold series with Pia O’Brian’s journey into love with retired football player, Raoul Moreno in Finding Perfect!

If you’ve followed along with this series, you’ll know Pia was the town’s perfect, popular princess until her father died and her mother ran off and left her to finish her final year of high school in the system. After college she returns to her home town to continue working for the city as the town’s festival/event planner. She’s just lost her best friend, inherited three tiny embryos and has a whole slew of personal issues where men are concerned. So why can’t she steer clear of the town’s resident football celebrity?

Because Raoul Moreno is trying to make a home for himself in the town, as well as make a kids play/learning camp a success, he steers clear of romantic relationships with the town’s women. But there’s one woman he can’t seem to stop from falling head over heels for…

Ms. Mallery’s emotional-filled romances breath fresh life into a sometimes staid genre. I enjoy finding the intricacies of her romances and reading about the situations she creates for her town. Finding Perfect allows you to escape from the everyday issues you may have by giving you the glimpse into a couple who are falling for each other long before either will admit it to themselves. As with the other Fool’s Gold stories, this one will melt your heart and have you routing for the couple to figure it out and live happily ever after!

Fools Rush In by Kristan Higgins – Review

Fools Rush In bookcover

Reviewed by Margaret H.
on October 12, 2010

“…not my cup of tea…”

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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While not my cup of tea, Kristan Higgins’ Fools Rush In definitely follows the line of her other fantastic novels. Set in a small northern town, a quirky and fun heroine, a great hero…er, well, he’s great but also her brother-in-law! While there is another of her tales that have a similar situation, this one is a bit hard to swallow as the sister is much alive and the hero has been part of the family for many, many years. But the two are cute together and there is chemistry of a sort, so it makes for an enjoyable read if you forget about the already in place family relationship.

Face-Off by Nancy Warren – Review


“…an exciting, romantic look at how sensual hockey can be!”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Nancy Warren has a unique way of making the most exciting and dangerous sport sensually romantic! In her latest 3 Encounters trilogy, Face-Off, she gives you an exciting, romantic look at how sensual hockey can be! You won’t get enough of the glamorous McBride siblings and their fall into love with well-matched mates.

Starting with Ice Time, Jarrad McBride finds his match with Sierra Janssen when he has to acclimate to being sidelined from the NHL. She’s just what he needs! Sweet, down-to-earth, and sexy-as-all-get-out!

Next up, In The Sin Bin, brings back together Samantha McBride and her first love, Greg Olsen. While lust has never been their problem, overcoming their past and making a future might take a bit of doing. But it’s well worth it when the two share such explosive chemistry!

Last, but certainly not least, Breakaway gives us a fascinating look at skating sweetheart Becky Haines and NHL rookie Taylor McBride’s fascinating fall into love.

The entire Face-Off trilogy is set up very well. The flow from one story into the next is seamless, yet each story could stand on its own and give the reader a fulfilling romantic story. The first and last stories (Jarrad and Taylor’s) are the best. I enjoyed watching the two strong brothers fall. Though Sam’s story was definitely the most emotional of the three. Each was amazing to read. I certainly would have liked each to be a full-length book, but certainly felt Ms. Warren did each sibling justice. I’m eager to read more sports related books by her!

Reviewed by Zara B. on March 9, 2011