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Everywhere She Goes by Janice Kay Johnson – Review

everywhereshegoes-janicekayjohnson‘…a dramatic tale that brings together the dangers of the past and present…’

Reviewed by Zara B.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Janice Kay Johnson’s Everywhere She Goes—the next book in her The Mysteries of Angel Butte series—is a dramatic tale that brings together the dangers of the past and present for Cait McAllister. On the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Cait runs home to the brother who was always there for her as a kid—the same one she feared after her mother ran away with her at an early age. But deep down she trusts him and she needs him to feel safe.

But the past has a way of catching up with you, and Cait finds herself not only in danger from the abusive ex but a new threat that stems from the past. In the midst of her turmoil, she finds herself embroiled in a relationship with her boss!

Noah Chandler has emotional scars that keep him from believing in happily ever after. But there’s something about Cait that tugs his heart-strings and his protective instincts. Throw in a complicated relationship with her brother and there’s a lot going against these two. But love has a way of conquering even the most stubborn fears making way for the sweetest of futures.

I adore Ms. Johnson’s writing style. Her characters are always realistic and down-to-earth. She has a knack for intertwining a mystery into her romance that keeps you guessing and making her stories thrilling page turners. Everywhere She Goes encompasses almost all of her superb writing, plot and character development. It kept me wondering and on-edge. You felt for the heroine and her brother, the confusion over the past and the need to make a future relationship solid between the two, and you found the hero very appealing.

There were a couple of negatives in this one (that I’ve never had with her others). First, I despised how everyone referred to the hero as ‘ugly’ rather than ‘ruggedly handsome’ or some such. It is one thing for the hero to have some self-esteem issues and worry about something mentioned in his past, something that may have tainted the view he has of himself. It is so another to have the brother of the heroine basically say he is ugly. That wasn’t appealing as a reader and made me feel kind of negative to the brother (who is a hero in another book and very likeable). Then again the brother has reasons to despise the hero, so maybe it was born from that but still not something I liked reading. The other thing is that the heroine and hero walked a fine line in their relationship and were okay with basically lying about it while still sort of flaunting it. I realize the marriage statement near the end was real on the hero’s part but it was almost a shock to the reader because I didn’t feel like anything led up to that…but all is forgiven by the end because the hero and heroine and brother all make peace and there is so much that happens you can tell these two are meant to be together!

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About the book…

Standing between her…and danger

Returning to her hometown is Cait McAllister’s chance to stand on her own. That means taking a break from men and relationships. Then she meets her new boss, the intriguing Noah Chandler. As the mayor, he’s got bold plans for Angel Butte. As a man, he’s so tempting that Cait’s vow of independence is in jeopardy.

The most persuasive part of him, however, could be the way he looks out for her. Because when a threat from her past puts her in danger, Noah is there to protect her. And there’s no way she can resist a man who has so much invested in keeping her safe.

Eat Like a Woman by Staness Jonekos

“…will give me a better foundation based on…being a woman…”

Review by Cara M.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Eat Like a Woman by Staness Jonekos and Marjorie Jenkins is an interesting take on a ‘diet’ book. Not only do you get the recipes you expect but interesting information on why this method will work. While a few of the recipes look promising, I’m not sure they all work for me. But what does is the step-by-step week program. It helps you get an understanding of what it takes to make a woman’s body respond to food and exercise. It helps you understand your body. It’s a comprehensive study and guide that gives some of my own theories credence and helped give me a better understanding of them.

For instance, this ‘diet’ or theory is based on a three-week, three-step program that allows you to take your body and mind into your own hands. The first step (though I won’t give everything away here…you’ll want the book to get the full gist) is to figure out what stage of life you are at; what is going on with your body; what type of eater you are or want to be. The next is to start working on emotional health. And the last involves exercise. Now, don’t freak on the last part. They aren’t pushing you to do hours in a gym. They have really cool ideas that anyone can do without much thought.

Overall, I’m engaging in the book’s recommendations now. I’m hoping for good results, but ultimately, I feel like they will give me a better foundation based on my being a woman rather than those that delve into more ‘male’ based information. Well done Ms. Jonekos! Thank you.

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Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey – Review

Exclusively Yours bookcover

Reviewed by Zara B.
on October 19, 2010

“…sticks with you long after you’ve finished the last page!”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Shannon Stacy’s Exclusively Yours is a sweet, down to earth romance that sticks with you long after you’ve finished the last page!

One-time sweethearts, Keri Daniels and Joe Kowalski are brought back together after Keri’s celebrity magazine editor all but forces her to either get an exclusive interview with Joe or else lose her career. Seeing no other choice, she approaches Joe and ends up on an adventurous camping trip that leads her straight back into his arms!

Ms. Stacy did a nice job blending the tale into something that warmed the heart, and yet still felt amazingly real and believable. Keri is a very likable heroine and Joe a hunky hero, so despite the history the two shared and the past heartache you can so see the two together for a long time to come. Good job, Ms. Stacy! I will definitely be looking for more of your stories.

Essence by Michael Davis – Review

Essence bookcover

Reviewed by Hope C.
on February 01, 2011

… story of just how far a man will go…

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Short and sweet, Michael Davis’ Essence is the story of just how far a man will go for the one he loves. To give more than that general insight would certainly ruin the surprises you’ll uncover throughout the story that will warm your heart—and even possibly make you a bit sad. Definitely a must-read.