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Crash Into You by Katie McGarry – Review

“Filled with realistic emotional issues for young adults today and dangerous, edge-of-your-seat action, this book is a keeper that you will re-read over and over!”

Review by Cara M.

Rating: ★★★★★

Crash Into You, the third novel in Katie McGarry’s Pushing the Limits series packs an emotional punch. Filled with realistic emotional issues for young adults today and dangerous, edge-of-your-seat action, this book is a keeper that you will re-read over and over!

Rachel Young is a smart, rich young lady who’s family pressure to fill a role left by a dead sibling pushes her to the edge of reason. Hiding health issues and personal needs from her family is the norm, so what is one more secret like having six weeks to pay off a debt that should never have been hers in the first place or the fact that she’s head over heels for the super sexy, tattooed Isaiah Walker.

For Isaiah, Rachel is his angel. His miracle and chance to finally belong and be loved by someone. Only it seems there are a number of obstacles in his way starting with a street bully and ending with Rachel’s family. But he’s finding love is definitely worth the risk.

Crash Into You has turned into one of my go-to romantic reads when I need a little pick-me-up or a need to escape for a bit. It’s sweet, full of action, a surprise ending. It kept me guessing, and even re-reading had me enthralled to the point I couldn’t put it down. There’s even a sneak peek at the next book in the series, Take Me On. I can’t wait to read it and check in on my favorite teens!

Can’t Shake You by Molly McLain – Review

“…absolutely fantastic!

Review by Larissa M.

Rating: ★★★★★

Molly McLain’s debut novel, Can’t Shake You, is a well written, intensely romantic tale of a one night stand that turns into so much more…with some pretty interesting complications. Friendships are at stake, broken hearts are a given, and a whole passel of crazy things that can happen when two people who are meant to be together fight it hard.

Carissa Brandt is no stranger to heartache. Her mother’s untimely death threw her family into chaos. Her father’s way of handling his grief was a bottle and allowing Carissa to take care of everything else. At her breaking point, Carissa takes her dream job and moves to a new town where her closest friend lives to start over. She pushes her father and brother out of her life, and focuses on starting her post-college life. During her initial visit, she encounters the soon-to-be brother-in-law of her friend, Marine Josh Hudson, and the sparks fly. After an intimate encounter that leaves them shaken by feelings neither embrace, Josh is deployed.

With no commitment from Josh, Carissa enters into a friendship/relationship of sorts with Josh’s best friend since Kindergarten, Reed Fletcher. After a time, Reed and Carissa call it quits and a year later…Josh and Carissa’s story begins (again).

Can’t Shake You draws you in from the start with the romance and chemistry of the two main characters. It’s fascinating to watch Josh and Carissa fighting their feelings for each other. Then there’s Josh’s family who draw you in, but the way the friendships from high school still stand strong is what makes this tale the emotional read that will have you thinking about the story a long time to come. Cheering for the couple to make their own decisions and put themselves first, you’ll find you’re drawn into caring about those they’ll hurt while still wishing they’d wise up and see the kind of chemistry the two share is so rare it should be put first.

On the down side, there were a couple of points in the story where I wondered what made Carissa so desirable, so special that even the ‘single’ town Sheriff warned Josh of hurting her. There were a couple of other situations where she was concerned that made me wonder, but ultimately it was sweet that everyone had taken her in and made her one of the small town folk that were cherished.

Overall, though, I definitely can’t wait for the next Molly McLain River Bend novel! Because this one was absolutely fantastic!

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Crazy Maybe by A.D. Justice – Review

“…will certainly be looking for more of her titles.”

Review by Larissa M.

Rating: ★★★★☆

A.D. Justice’s Crazy Maybe has everything you could possibly want in a story: a heroine who hasn’t had the best past but is about to get a fabulous future; a hero who is all that and more; and closure for a past that no child should have to contend with.

Interesting from the get-go, Andi gives you attitude galore, but also has a soft side that is realistic. And Luke, while not as strong a character in my opinion, is still interesting enough to keep you reading.

While the book keeps you guessing and has everything but the kitchen sink contained within the pages, it doesn’t seem far-fetched. From a political scandal to blackmail to Andi being a now deceased music mogal’s daughter, it is very plausible that Andi’s past could have happened exactly as written. The only thing that threw me off was Luke’s career he gave up to become a boxer. I had a hard time seeing him not having the boxing dream from the get-go because of the drive it takes to become a true boxer. Then for him to give it up and opt to go back into that career to ‘offer’ a girl who has EVERYTHING she could possibly want a stable future didn’t sit right for me.

There was also one point where I thought Luke’s brother was really more the ‘hero’ of the book than him. But the chemistry between Luke and Andi made it feel as though the possibility for a future wasn’t unrealistic. And in the end, I did enjoy the book.

Ms. Justice definitely caught my interest and I will certainly be looking for more of her titles.

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Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery – Review



“…a very enjoyable read.”

Cara M.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Susan Mallery’s Christmas on 4th Street is the latest in her A Fool’s Gold Romance series. Following her special ability to draw you into the lives of those in Fool’s Gold, Mallery churns out another spectacular romance.

Noelle Perkins ditched a frustrating legal career to open her own Christmas store in Fool’s Gold, California. With a new lease on life, she’s determined to live every day to the fullest. Fortunately, business is booming so when gorgeous army doctor Gabriel Boylan offers to help during the holiday rush she takes him up on it. But that’s not all he offers and soon their kisses turn to more…

While this installment of Mallery’s series is shorter than I would have liked, it was still a sweet, fulfilling story. Mix in Noelle’s past—which is heartbreaking—and Gabriel’s uncertainties—coupled with the nightmare’s he’s seen from his job—you have a story that keeps your emotions engaged. I will admit it did feel a bit formulaic and in line with all the others. But overall, it was a very enjoyable read. And I look forward to the next installments!


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Christmas With A Vampire by Merline Lovelace – Review

Christmas With A Vampire bookcover

Reviewed by Zara B.
on February 05, 2011

…five stunning holiday tales involving creatures of the night…

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Harlequin’s Christmas with a Vampire anthology features five stunning holiday tales involving creatures of the night…and the ones they fall in love with!

Containing five short stories, Christmas with a Vampire packs a lot of sensual awakening into one dynamite package. While each story should be judged based on its own, overall the entire package is well worth a read.

A Christmas Kiss by Merline Lovelace

Merline Lovelace leads the way with Brett Cooper and Delilah Wentworth who share a strange chemistry and Delilah’s secret when they share a Christmas Kiss.

Sweet and everlasting this story is a gem! I found it to be the story that stood out most. Well-written and a tiny bit suspenseful you never knew what would happen between the Brett and Delilah!

The Vampire Who Stole Christmas by Lori Devoti

Drystand Hurst is out for revenge and he’ll use any means to get itincluding Aimee Polk! But can Aimee reform this vampire before he steals Christmas?

Cute and dark, this tale is certainly worth a read.

Sundown by Linda Winstead Jones

Sundown is Abby’s bar and she’s fond of order, as well as secrecy. So when Detective Leo Stryker shows up to investigate a rash of odd murders she’s loath to admit her attraction and unruly thoughts he has her thinking. But who knows what can happen after sundown?

Mysterious, interesting and well written, this story is a gem that stands out from the others for sure!

Nothing says Christmas Like a Vampire by Lisa Childs

Nothing says Christmas Like a Vampire gives us Sienna Briggs who happens to know a secret the vampires can’t let get out. But there is one among them who isn’t about to let her die for it…Julian Vassimer.

Destiny is a twisted, winding path that will lead these two together for eternity if given the chance. While not as well written as the rest of the novellas in this anthology, this story is highly romantic.

Unwrapped by Bonnie Vanak

Unwrapped brings the book to an end when Adrian tries to help Sarah defeat her demons only to be betrayed in a way he can’t forgetnot until he has another chance to make the wrong right by defeating Sarah’s enemies and lifting the ban that keeps him from his family.

Again,, not as intriguing or full as some of the other stories in this book, but definitely not a waste of time either. Fans of vampire and werewolf romances will certainly enjoy this one!

Charlotte’s Homecoming by Janice Kay Johnson – Review

Charlotte's Homecoming bookcover

Reviewed by Hope C.
on July 19, 2010

“…a romantic, intriguing read…”

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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Charlotte’s Homecoming by Janice Kay Johnson is a romantic, intriguing read that delves into the emotional ties and difficulties between twins. Set in small-town America on a family owned farm, this tale brings together the twin who left home with the town’s current mayor. While I wouldn’t call the attraction between these two particularly hot, they do have an interesting chemistry that will keep you reading and wondering how long it will take the two to break through the barriers and accept they are in love.

Charlotte Russell’s life is in a state of change. She’s just found out she’s lost her job and now her father has had a tractor accident and she’s needed back on the family farm. With mixed feelings, she adjusts back to life in a small town where she’s not particularly unique…because she’s a twin. A bone of contention with her that hasn’t exactly made sense, but one she’s had since pretty much birth. But when her sisters abusive ex-husband is out to finish the job of killing her sister, a job he started when they were married, the two are brought closer and can finally work out some of their issues. All the while, they are also striving to keep the family farm in the family.

Gray Van Dusen, part-time Mayor / part-time architect, is constantly trying to improve the town he’s adopted as his own. He finds himself often at the Russell Family Farm talking with Faith Russell about traffic and other issues concerning safety, roads, etc. He’s even taken Faith to dinner a time or two. So when he stops in one day and encounters someone who looks like Faith, he’s surprised to find himself fighting a powerful attraction. The two have a lot in common as far as looks but he’d never been truly attracted to Faith. He was finding it hard to keep himself in check around her twin!

Ms. Johnson sets the stage for her two-book series about twins and coping with the intricate feelings each have about being alike in this book. She does a fabulous job of making us understand how sometimes the dynamic bond between two people who look alike, who shared a womb can be totally different than what outsiders might perceive as ‘normal’. Charlotte’s Homecoming isn’t meant to be a true stand alone book, though it can be read as one. But I definitely believe reading the second book, Through the Sheriff’s Eyes is an awesome, empowering read as well.