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What to Do with a Bad Boy by Marie Harte – Review


Reviewed by Larissa M.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Marie Harte’s final book in her super sexy McCauley Brothers series, What to Do with a Bad Boy, fittingly ties up this series…but is a bit of a disappointment. Not as fabulous as the previous books, this one still gives you an interesting romance by bringing together widow Mike McCauley and spunky Delilah Webster.

In her previous McCauley books, Ms. Harte paired together each of the McCauley brothers with the love of their lives. A fitting female to match them. So I was a little worried about how she would tie together the diehard widow Mike. If you’ve read the other books, you know he had his ‘soul mate’ and lost her during the birth of their son. And he was very adamant about never loving again. Now a single father, Mike is more than a little guarded about dating and being set up. In this story however, he finally gives in to his mother’s attempts and goes out with a neighbor of his mothers who is just like the woman he lost. He also ‘dates’ Del. Only he doesn’t really do much more than sleep with Del through most of the book. There were times I wanted to smack him up side the head for stringing her along and using her. But when the light dawned he was the McCauley type man we know and love. Unfortunately for me it felt like it should have come sooner. My lack of enthusiasm wasn’t so much a struggle with Mike falling in love, but he was stupid about it. He hurt Del and I’m not sure I would have forgiven him as easy as she did. But ultimately, Del was awesome. She had her own personal issues, but she got through them and let herself fall for Mike and when she did she gave him everything. She was near perfect even when dealing with the spiteful other woman.

All-in-all this was one that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss if reading the whole series. But standalone it wasn’t as great as the others. As with the other books, though, I did enjoy seeing a glimpse at where the other couples were in their lives. It’s neat to see how they are still going strong.

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About the book…

Mike McCauley had his soul mate for a precious time before she died giving birth to their son. She left him with the best boy a guy could want, so why is everyone playing matchmaker? He’s sick of it…until he meets Delilah Webster.

For some reason, the foulmouthed, tattooed mechanic sets his motor running. He sees the loving woman buried within. But the closer they get, the more the pain of past wounds throws a monkey wrench into a future he’s not sure he can handle…

USA Today bestselling author Marie Harte writes erotic romance and has over ninety titles in print and digital format. A caffeine addict, boy referee, and romance aficionado, Marie is a confessed bibliophile and devotee of action movies. She served in the U.S. Marine Corps and worked for Fortune 500 companies before becoming a full-time writer. Whether hiking in Central Oregon, biking around town, or hanging at the local tea shop, Harte is constantly plotting to give everyone a happily ever after. She lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest. Visit www.marieharte.com and fall in love.

Served Hot by Marie Harte – Review

Reviewed by Cara M.

Rating: ★★★★★

Following up on the super fabulous first book, Served Cold, Marie Harte gives you the second book in her Best Revenge series. Served Hot will keep you on edge wondering just how Dexter will win Maya over…and just why Maya is fighting him so hard!

When three friends get together for their weekly wine night, they make a pack to get revenge on the boys (now men!) who did them wrong in high school. For Maya Werner, she really wants to get back at Dexter Black for blackmailing her into being his prom date. Only what Maya really wants is to know why he did it in the first place!

And when award-winning photojournalist Dexter turns up back in town to open a small studio, it seems like the perfect time to get started. Only fate often has the upper hand, and when Dex witnesses Maya doing something that could get her into trouble…again!…he has the upper hand. He uses it to once again blackmail her into dating him!

Ms. Harte has written a warm, moving story that makes you laugh at the same time as it makes you sigh. Her characters are so well written. Dex is the hunky, smart and definitely drool worthy hero. He also has no trouble following his feelings back to the one girl he always crushed on. And he knows Maya so well. Her prickly, independent nature doesn’t put him off. He knows exactly how to manipulate her into being where they both belong. Maya is a little harder to like. She is prickly, almost to the point of being selfish or off-putting at times, but she’s loyal to a fault. Her endearing quality is what redeems her. She has a soft center. Her prickly shell hides it. But it’s there. So all-in-all these two are well suited.  A definite must read!

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Her Warrior Angel by Felicity Heaton

picDetailherwarriorangel One of Heaven’s top hunters, Einar is on a mission to uncover why an angel was working with demons. When he finds the first demon fighting a beautiful woman, he intervenes and saves her life, even when he knows Heaven will hold it against him. The alluring, lethally seductive female is half demon.

There is no love in this world more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon.

Taylor vowed long ago to protect her city from the lowest demons and she isn’t about to let an angel waltz in and take over, and she’s certainly not about to fall in love with him, even if he is gorgeous. Determined to do her job as a hunter, she convinces the dangerously sensual warrior to team up with her, but as the mission leads them deep into the city’s demon underworld, desire flares white-hot between them and not even fear of the consequences can stop the flames of their passion from consuming them both.

Can a love so forbidden ever have a happy ending or are they destined to break each other’s hearts?

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Her Fallen Angel by Felicity Heaton

picDetailherfallenangel An angel accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Lukas has been cast out of Heaven and sentenced to live in the mortal world. For three years, he’s searched for a way to prove his innocence, and for three years, he’s been falling for a beautiful mortal female. When Heaven strips him of his wings, Lukas seeks solace in alcohol, but finds it in Annelie’s arms.

Annelie fell for Lukas the moment he walked into her bar. The tall, sensual blond sets her heart on fire with his otherworldly green eyes and wicked smile, but he’s seriously out of her league. A single heated kiss unleashes Annelie’s passion and she seizes her chance and Lukas with both hands, but in the light of day she discovers that he’s not the man she thought he was—he’s an angel.

Lukas will stop at nothing to prove both his innocence and his love for Annelie, but when he discovers who framed him and she ends up caught in the crossfire, will he be strong enough to protect the woman he loves and fly away with her into their forever after?

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Her Demonic Angel by Felicity Heaton

picDetailherdemonicangel A demonic angel with a heart of ice, Veiron walks a dark path with vengeance on his mind. Nothing will sway him from his mission to destroy his master… until he risks his life to enter Hell once more to save a mortal female. The fiery beauty makes him burn with hungers he must battle and needs he cannot deny, tempting him to surrender body and soul to her.

Erin is convinced her refusal to do the Devil’s bidding will see her die in a terrifying realm straight out of her nightmares. The last thing she expects is the lethally sensual warrior who breaks into her cell and awakens the darkest desires of her heart and a fierce longing to know the heat of his caress.

Pulled into an incredible world where war is set to ignite and darkness is on the rise, Erin races with Veiron to escape the Devil’s legions in a journey fraught with danger and filled with passion that flares white-hot.

When Erin is faced with a life-shattering realisation and an extraordinary destiny, will their love give them the strength to battle both Heaven and Hell or will they be parted forever?

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Her Guardian Angel by Felicity Heaton – Review

picDetailherguardianangel A love so strong it will shake Heaven and Hell.

A guardian angel dedicated to his duty, Marcus will do whatever Heaven asks of him, but even his loyalty has its limits. When his superior orders him to gain Amelia’s trust through seduction, Marcus starts to question his mission and his feelings for the beautiful woman he has watched over since her birth.

Amelia has gone from one bad relationship to another, so when a gorgeous guy moves in next door looking like Mr Right, she hopes he doesn’t turn out to be another black knight in disguise. But there’s more to Marcus than meets the eye, and when he rescues her from three demonic men, Amelia is thrust into his nightmarish world. On the run from demonic angels and the Devil himself, aided by warrior angels and their amazing women, Marcus and Amelia discover a love that will last forever.

When the strength of that love is put to the test, will Marcus and Amelia win their fight for survival against the odds or will they lose in a deadly eternal game between Heaven and Hell?

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