Reviews by Rating

I have organized this site to utilize several listing methods in the hopes of making your search for that special book easy. While you can always type information into the main search bar from any page on the site, you can also check out book reviews by rating by clicking on the following links.

Review System Explained

1 Star
    Way too many flaws. Overall, not a good read. Poor writing quality, unimaginative plot and other elements, or possibly unrealistic characters. You would definitely tell someone to pass on reading this one.

2 Star
    Mediocre read, at best. Missing many and/or all the elements to make it any sort of pleasant read. You might not be able to finish a book like this one. And you wouldn’t recommend it.

3 Star
    Moderately enjoyable read. Might not be one you’d recommend (or remember much about later), but not a total waste of valuable reading time.

4 Star
    Excellent read. Compelling, believable, well-written, and all around a story you would recommend to anyone.

5 Star
    Superior read. This is a keeper, one that will stick around in your memory long after you turn that last page.


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