His Perfect Neighbor by Heather Reed

Chapter Four

Dinner went by quickly. Chris found that Regina owned her own bakery just a few blocks from the building. She explained the treats she’d left of the mornings were leftovers from the evening before, and that if she ate all that she didn’t give to the homeless shelter downtown, she’d weigh a ton in no time at all.

Chris had calmed considerably by the time they arrived at the aquarium. The dread he’d felt over the press conference had disappeared. During his brief speech, he kept his eyes focused on Regina and made it through without even an awkward moment. The unveiling of the fountain went smoothly, and there was a great deal of applause when the lights shimmered across the blue tinted steel.

As they neared the building, they noticed a light shinning through the front window of Precious Treasures. They could see Eleanor milling around with a duster, and both turned to each other with a smile.

Chris walked Regina to her door before taking both of her hands in his. "I had a wonderful time. But now I have one more debt to repay to my perfect neighbor." At her puzzled look, Chris tilted his head toward the floor.

Regina nodded, then smiled. "Yeah. Me too."