His Perfect Neighbor by Heather Reed

His Perfect Neighbor (a WRR online read)
By Heather Reed


Years ago a friend of mine, Terescia Harvey, challeneged each other to write a short story for Woman’s World magazine. While neither were accepted, we’ve decided to post them online for everyone to enjoy. We would appreciate nobody copying or redistributing the stories in their entirity. You can find Terescia’s Fantasy Man on her site, but I’m posting His Perfect Neighbor here for WWR viewers to enjoy. Happy reading!

Chapter One

Chris Edge plopped onto the only piece of furniture in his new loft apartment…his bed, and sighed with great appreciation for the warm sticky buns he’d found in front of his door this morning.

A small smile spread across his face, revealing a soft dimple in his left cheek. He knew he’d made the right decision to move from the dinky apartment building in downtown Seattle to the art district near the harbor.

Where else would he have felt comfortable eating white chocolate chip cookies he’d found outside his door on a Monday morning? Then there were the brownies that were left on Tuesday, and the bite-size cupcakes that had been there on Wednesday.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that he’d also received a note with today’s treat–a short and simple, "Welcome to the Neighborhood" scrawled in a feminine script.

Those few words had given him a clue as to who’d been leaving the goodies. Well, that and the smell of soft jasmine wafting up from the pretty pink stationary.

It had to be the lady next door.

In the week since he’d moved into one of the two apartments above Precious Treasures, he’d not seen anyone enter or leave the apartment across the hall. Then again, he’d really not been looking all that hard either. When the realtor had met him to sign the lease, he’d vowed to finish his work before exploring his new neighborhood. If he hadn’t subscribed to the paper, he probably would have never even found the sinful baked goods.

Chris finished the last bite of his breakfast and glanced around the sparsely furnished room. His dark eyebrows drew together as he wondered what he could do to repay the lady’s kindness.

As he picked up his torch, the perfect idea came to him. The new aquarium would open in two days, and he needed a date for the reception. No, not a date. That idea might not sit well with his neighbor given that they’d be living next door to each other for the better part of a year. He’d simply explain that it could be just a nice, neighborly outing between friends.

With his plan firmly in mind, he went to work on the finishing touches of the dolphins that would be the crowning touch of the enormous water fountain welcoming people to the tranquility of the new glass aquarium.