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His Perfect Neighbor
by Heather Reed

One talented sculptor, one sexy baker, and a quirky grandmother bent on setting up her granddaughter make for a sweet tale!

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The Wolfe and Three Little Griggs
by Tanya Michaels

Risa Alexander has no illusions about love—she’s watched women close to her follow their hearts to disaster, and, hey, it’s not as if men are all that drawn to Risa anyway. Her own father didn’t want her, and her step-father merely tolerated her as a responsibility. Risa is basing her current engagement to a successful lawyer on pragmatism and a shared desire for family, not sentiment. Then she meets new neighbor Jack Wolfe. Risa tells herself the smart thing to do would be to avoid the man with the heart-stopping grin and his own emotional baggage, but agreeing to keep her best friend’s three boisterous children for a week leaves Risa needing all the help she can get. When Jack reluctantly rides to her rescue, can two guarded hearts find their own fairy tale ending?

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