We Read Romance is all about reading romantic fiction. Specifically, I am narrowing the focus down a bit and only adding books and reviews for romance novels that have a true happily ever after. That doesn’t mean every book here shows the couple married at the end. It simply means there is a promise for a future together.

That parameter in mind, I left quite a few excerpts on WeWriteRomance.com. So if you don’t find it here, you can always check the archived excerpts database there. Same for the books. If you’re looking for older books (or books that might not fit with this site), you can check out the archived books database.

We Read Romance’s excerpts are easily found through (1) the Search Box; (2) Book Title, Release Date and/or Author Lists; and (3) Subgenre. More ways to search will be added as this site ages, but for now, the easiest if you know anything about the book will be to use the main search box located on any page of the site. But if you’d like to use the lists, here are quick links to them: