Books by Felicity Heaton

New York Times Bestselling Author, Felicity Heaton writes outstanding paranormal romances. Some of her series have reviews or books featured here on One of our reviewer favorite series include the Her Angel series.

Her Angel Series

According to Ms. Heaton, with “[t]heir wings hidden from mortal eyes by glamour, angels walk amongst us on Earth, some here to protect, some to hunt demons, and others to watch and record the history of our world. They are beautiful passionate men who are torn between the orders of their masters and those of their hearts, and they are far from saintly. Their desire and need are intense, and it takes an equally passionate and strong woman to tame them and win the heart of her angel…” –— So sit back and enjoy the ride while you read about what might be going on in the world around us…without our even knowing it!

Books in Order:

Her Dark Angel – Serenity & Apollyon

Her Fallen Angel – Annelie & Lukas

Her Warrior Angel – Taylor & Einar

Her Guardian Angel – Amelia & Marcus

Her Demonic Angel – Erin & Veiron

Her Wicked Angel – Liora & Asmodeus

Her Avenging Angel – Lysia & Nevar