The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak – Review

Review by Cara M.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

I have always been a huge Brenda Novak fan, but unfortunately, the downhill slide began for me with Come Home to Me. I wasn’t a big fan of the couple in that story, nor a fan of the Cheyenne/Dylan subplot in this one. I felt like everything in Presley’ and Aaron’s story was iffy—from the drug abuse/recovery and those two not really being good for each other overall to Cheyenne lying to Dylan and involving Aaron. So when The Heart of Christmas was offered for review I thought I’d give this series another chance. I sort of wish I hadn’t. If it had just been Eve’s story it might have been okay—though some of her characteristics aren’t that admirable for a heroine—but it wasn’t just her story. There was a lot of ‘extras’ thrown in. You have Ted’s interference in Eve’s life—which he had no right to do since he broke up with her to go back to Sophia. There was the whole Dylan and Cheyenne issue—which wasn’t really resolved. Overall I thought all the other subplots detracted from Eve and Rex’s story.

If you take those out, and you review this book only on their story, it would be a nice, sweet romance. While Rex is known by other names and has a dangerous past, the chemistry between him and Eve was immediate and immensely satisfying to read. Rex has no choice but to keep secrets and tell lies to keep Eve safe, but in the end he proves to be a great guy. Eve was a little stalkerish at points but he’s secretive and she doesn’t want to be hurt so I kind of understood that and was even sort of proud of her for standing up for herself in that way.

I enjoyed parts of the book and not others. I would like to see Mrs. Novak get back to the romance with a little drama more than the soap feel these last few books have given us. I really miss those. I am almost to the point of not reading any more for fear they will ruin the other romances I loved so much (like Dylan and Cheyenne).

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