Small-Town Redemption by Beth Andrews – Review

smalltownredemptionReviewed by Casey B.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Continuing with her Shady Grove series, Beth Andrews gives us Small-Town Redemption—E.R. nurse Charlotte Ellison and bar owner Kane Bartasavich’s story. You met these intriguing characters in What Happens Between Friends Charlotte’s sister Sadie’s story. You might recall that Charlotte believed she would marry Sadie’s best friend James in that one. Only James didn’t think of her that way. He’d always loved Sadie. When Charlotte’s heart and pride was hurting, she pretty much threw herself at Kane. And that’s where this story begins. You’ll get to experience that part again if you haven’t read it before. Only Kane is honorable and he doesn’t take what’s offered. But honorable or not, he doesn’t handle the rejection well and Charlotte proceeds to keep to herself for a time as her pride is still stung. Then Kane ends up in her E.R. and their adventure begins!

Another emotional, small-town story from Beth Andrews! Interesting and full of surprises, this story has about all you could want in a romantic redemption story. Even the ending was handled well. You finally feel like Charlotte has matured and she and Kane might have a future. A definite must-read!

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About the book…

E.R. nurse Charlotte Ellison has her life mapped out, including a happily-ever-after with the perfect man. Sure, that disastrous night with sexy badass Kane Bartasavich wasn’t in the plan. He’s the opposite of perfect, and forever isn’t in his vocabulary. What was she thinking? Still, she simply has to stay away from him and everything will be on track.

But avoidance is impossible when Kane lands in her E.R. All of Charlotte’s protective instincts come out when she sees him in pain. She knows firsthand getting involved with him is a bad deal. But this attraction might be too deep to ignore.