A Last Chance Christmas by Vicki Lewis Thompson – Review


Reviewed by Zara B.

Rating: ★★★★★

Continuing her Sons of Chance series, Vicki Lewis Thompson offers you a fabulous little romance with your holiday spirit!

Ben Radcliffe had one goal in mind when he delivered a custom saddle to the Last Chance, get paid and possibly some referrals. But when Jack Chance invites him to stay for a few days to see his saddle revealed, he can’t pass up the chance. Just like he can’t pass up the chance to engage in a little flirtation with academic Molly Gallagher—a Chance cousin.

Molly is at the ranch working on a genealogy project for the Chance/Gallagher family. More comfortable with her computer and old journals, she’s surprised at the attraction between her and Ben. And even more surprised when she acts on it!

Ms. Thompson has a winner here. While not intricate or all that ‘busy’ plot wise, I enjoy the book immensely. More so than even her last set of Sons of Chance books. I felt Molly was mousy but interesting. She wasn’t really a pushover but not exactly brash. Almost clueless about her appeal. It was fun to watch her and Ben interact. Ben was a hunk. He was modest and very sweet. All of his interactions with others showed a vulnerability and possibly a yearning to be part of something he’d never had before…family. The book did set up a future book, and I found I’m eager to read the next installment!

About the book…

A Christmas kiss from a cowboy…

Ben Radcliffe reckons it’ll be a cold day in hell before he considers a serious relationship or family of his own—with good reason. When he delivers a "secret" present to the Last Chance Ranch, however, Ben catches a glimpse of what family could be. And suddenly this lone cowboy finds himself under the mistletoe…planting one heck of a kiss on a stunning woman!

Genealogist and academic Molly Gallagher is all about family. And even if Ben’s secrets make him as skittish as a wild mustang, there’s nothing Molly loves more than an enigma. Especially a ridiculously sexy one! But the magic of Christmas—and the Last Chance Ranch—might not be enough to wrangle a cowboy who can’t trust himself…

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