Hotshot by Julie Garwood – Review

“…Garwood’s mastery at work…”

Rating: ★★★★★

Master storyteller, Julie Garwood’s skill for writing romantic thrillers—which almost always tie together various friends and families from other book, including her historical novels—always leave you wanting more from the main and supporting characters with each upcoming book. Her stories have a way of tugging at your heart long after the last page and Hotshot is no exception.

In Hotshot, you’ll find Ms. Garwood’s mastery at work as the fabulously talented swimmer turned FBI agent, Finn MacBain saves Peyton Lockhart from death at an early age only to find her again when they are older and she once again could use his help. While Finn has turned more serious with his life and holds that there is no room for a relationship with his kind of work, he can’t deny the attraction to Peyton.

The same is true for Peyton. Though possibly full of a little more hero-worship than healthy at first, it becomes clear that Peyton’s feelings are beyond his saving her life as a kid. Peyton is smart, funny and full of life even after all the crazy setbacks in her life. And she is on a set path to make something out of her life in the culinary world.

As the story depths unfold, Peyton and her sisters are given the job of turning around a posh oceanfront resort, Bishop’s Cove, into a profitable business once more. If they can do that, they will receive the property as ‘inheritance’ from their uncle (though he isn’t deceased). There are conditions, but ultimately, the girls decide to take the job. Only Peyton’s recent past continues to haunt her in a way that leaves a desperate killer after her and the only person able to truly save her is Finn.

But when the dust settles can the two merge their lives and live happily ever after?

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Available August 6, 2013!