Writer’s Write Article :: To CreateSpace or not…

In the last article, I covered whether or not to self-publish. Or somewhat. Honestly, I didn’t go into the pros and cons of whether self-publishing was the correct choice or not for an author. The reason for that is simple. I don’t believe you should do what is right for everyone…just you. If you think you’ve exhausted all other avenues or perhaps you don’t want to wait, or maybe you just don’t want to go the traditional publisher route, self-publishing is the correct thing for you. It’s what you want. Don’t give in to peer pressure either way. That’s a lesson we try to teach our children and that’s a lesson I think everyone would be wise to follow in their adult life as well.

So if you choose to self-publish then by all means do—but be aware of your options. Do your research. And never pay someone online without verifying their credentials first.

I’m not sure anyone on this planet hasn’t heard of Amazon. There might be someone in a far remote village in Africa, but chances are slim, right? So why wouldn’t you trust their self-publishing service?

image CreateSpace is a ‘mostly’ free way to self-publish. Definitely one of the most economical. Compared to others (like Lightning Source, Author House and many others). I found a very intriguing article which covers a comparison of CreateSpace and Lighting Source.

According to James H. Byrd’s article on The Book Consultant, there are three main costs associated with self-publishing. They are: (1) Setup charges; (2) Print charges; and (3) Wholesale discounts.

Setup Charges include uploading your file(s) to the publisher, ordering a proof and enrolling in their distribution services. The charges for setup vary depending on your needs, but CreateSpace costs nearly 50% less than Lighting Source. Generally, depending on your needs, you’re looking at around $50+/- for CreateSpace. Definitely a bargain comparatively speaking.

Print Charges also vary depending on your needs. CreateSpace offers two plans a standard plan and a professional one. While Lighting Source appears to only offer one option. The standard plan print costs just over $5 and the pro plan print costs just over $3 per book.

Then there’s the Wholesale Discount, which runs around 20-60% for CreateSpace and a standard 20% for Lighting Source. The article I referenced goes over this really well, but basically, the more someone buys the more they save. It’s pretty standard stuff.

According to Amazon, CreateSpace is the easiest choice because of the following:

  • No membership or title set-up fees.
  • Flexible royalty model puts you in control.
  • A growing community of passionate authors, filmmakers and musicians sharing resources and tips for success.
  • A non-exclusive agreement keeps your future publishing and distribution options open.
  • Free CreateSpace ISBN or UPC if you don’t yet have one.

For me, I’ve not uploaded anything for sale yet. Definitely thinking about it though. And I’ve found the experience to be very user-friendly so far. The costs are reasonable too. I don’t think I’d want to invest $100+ on the chance of not selling a book. But half that cost…well, it could be a guilty pleasure price.

But there are yet other options for self-publishing…ebook formats!

If you don’t care if your book is in “print” format then there are yet more options for you…in the next article I’ll review a few of those. So be sure to check back next week!