Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood – Review

“A thrilling, edge-of-your seat classic Julie Garwood romance…”

Rating: ★★★★★

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A thrilling, edge-of-your seat classic Julie Garwood romance, Sweet Talk features another descendent from Garwood’s beloved historical novels—Grayson Kinkaid.

Grayson, an FBI Agent and all-around great guy, finds himself intrigued with young attorney for the IRS, Olvia MacKenzie after an impressive first encounter where Olivia intrudes on an FBI sting operation. Not only is Olivia full of spirit, she’s also extremely smart and down-to-earth. And has totally blown months of undercover work for Grayson’s team.

But Grayson isn’t as upset as his partner and finds himself more than interested in Olivia. So who else would she call when she finds herself endanger after asking the wrong questions during her personal investigation of a possible Ponzi scheme?

Together they attempt to figure out who is behind her threats, but quickly realize the more immediate threat might be their attraction for one another!

Ms. Garwood has definitely continued her streak of writing more in the style historical fans love with Sweet Talk. The attraction and interaction of these two characters is fabulous. Olivia’s childhood illness is emotionally wrenching on multiple levels and her handling of all her family has put her through is just as amazing. You’ll meet a lot of amazing women and men with both Olivia’s friends and Grayson’s team. I’m eager to see if Garwood writes about them in her upcoming books. I certainly enjoy the related character books best and find the strong FBI heroes to be some of her best right along side the great Scottish warriors. This is a perfect tale of intrigue and romance, and it will certainly be a keeper on my shelf for a long time to come.