Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey – Review

Promise Me Tonight bookcover

Reviewed by Larissa M.
on February 04, 2010

“…a spectacular hit!”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Sara Lindsey has certainly set the bar high with her debut historical novel, Promise Me Tonight. It’s a spectacular hit! From the endearing, powerful James Sheffield to the cunning, sensual beauty Isabella Weston she captures your heart and mind, and throws you back to a time when there really were gentlemen who knew how to treat a lady right in—and out—of bed!

James Sheffield learned about tragedy early in life when his parents died and he was sent to live with his surly grandfather. The elderly Earl was determined to mold little James into the man the Earl had hoped James’ father would have turned out to be. Throughout the years of James’ youth, his only salvation from the horrid man was the neighboring Weston family. They’d taken him and treated him as one of their own. All but the eldest daughter Isabella who’d never thought of him as just another sibling. She’d been determined to marry the boy next door ever since meeting him. It didn’t matter that they’d been children at the time. He’d been kind to her and sealed his fate!

Promise Me Tonight is funny, adventurous, and one of those tales that will leave you thinking about the couple long after you finish. Ms. Lindsey also does a nice job of setting up her follow up novel, Tempting the Marquess, by introducing a mystery and giving you a glimpse at young Olivia’s determination and wisdom. This is definitely an author to watch.