Murder List by Julie Garwood – Review

Murder List bookcover

Reviewed by Marina W.
on March 20, 2005

“Who would have ever thought that a simple bump into someone would lead to such passion?”

Rating: ★★★★☆

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Regan Hamilton Madison, hotel heiress, has suddenly become the target of a psychopath for a reason unknown to her. Regan and her friends, Cordie and Sophie, decide they’re going to investigate a woman’s suicide on their own after the police are absolutely no help at all. They begin to probe into their case by taking turns going to the police station to question the detective in charge–who is a complete pig. Regan is the last to do this before they strike out on their own to solve the case.

The three decide to attend a seminar being given by Dr. Sheilds, the ultimate in self help, to determine how to get close to him enough to get information on their case. An exercise they do at the seminar is to make a murder list of all the people they think would be better off dead rather than being in their lives. This is the start of the madness and the beginning of the game for this psychopath.

Alec Buchannon, a detecive for the police department where the girls start their investigation at, is undercover on a drug case . When his case goes sour and after a brutal chewing out from his Lieutenant, he makes his final decision to move on for good and join the F.B.I. He has no idea that an accidental bump into the right person would change his life for the better. As Regan is leaving the station on the girl’s last attempt to retrieve information from the police, she bumps into Alec.

It’s a week later before they meet again.

As fate would have it, the night of the seminar Regan has an accident and hurts her knee. She has surgery, and a week later when she returns to her position at the hotel the torture begins. As she opens her e-mails and starts replying to them, suddenly her senses are assaulted by an awful picture of a dead body. She thinks it’s a cruel joke until she recognizes the body.

When she contacts the police, they send a tech and two detectives. Alec recognizes her right off the bat and hopes she doesn’t remember him because he had stunk so bad and looked horrible the day they met, not to mention that all the time after their encounter he’d been thinking she was a nut. She does remember him.

It isn’t until they tell her the picture is real that it hits home that something is wrong. And when they recieve a fax with her murder list attached to it, and that says she owes whoever the psychopath is for taking care of her problems, that they know there’s a big problem…and that Regan is going to need protection.

Alec’s assigned body guard duty and isn’t allowed to actively participate in the case as punishment for resigning from the department. Things really start to pick up as Regan recieves more and more faxes and more people turn up dead. All the while she’s falling for Alec ,and he is trying to control himself around her because he knows he’s leaving for Boston at the end of the assignment or when his three weeks are up.

Without fail neither one of them can help themselves after spending so much time together. All the while a psychotic person is stalking and plotting to kill her for things she has no control over.

Who would have ever thought that a simple bump into someone would lead to such passion? The writing of this book makes you wish that it is you who needs Alec’s protection! Alec is absolutely bad boy handsome with the right amount of attitude. And Regan isn’t the typical poor me damsel in distress. She puts up a fight when she needs to. I really loved this book. It’s a definate keeper. The sex is hot and the story is great. I hated to see it end and I can’t wait for the next one!